Vastavirta-Klubi is an alternative rock club located in Pispala, Tampere. It was founded by Vastavirta ry and Tahdonvoima Osuuskunta. Nowadays Vastavirta-Klubi is run by Rokata Oy.

Vastavirta-Klubi was opened to Pispalan valtatie 39 at the turn of the year 2005. The place was renewed by volunteer power, and the club is a fine expression of urban activism.

Vastavirta-Klubi opened it’s doors to all kinds of groups from new indie bands to more well known groups. Even though the club is profiled as a punk club, many other genres and cultural movements have been represented during the history of the club.


Yläkerta is a bar located at upstairs of Vastavirta-Klubi. Yläkerta opened it’s doors 2010, and it took it’s place as a living room of locals. It’s also a venue for gigs, birthday parties and other parties. In Yläkerta there is room for 50 customers and the bar offers free table football and billiard. At the terrace you can enjoy drinks and beautiful Näsijärvi lake view.